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Multigym C400 Multigym C400 Multigym C400 Multigym C400 Multigym C400

Multigym C400

Art. nr: 8820770
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24 995 kr


Avancerat multigym med kabelsystem som gör att du får ett stort antal övningar för hela kroppen med mycket god variation. Viktmagasin på 90 kg
The Home Gym inSPORTline Profigym C400 will make your home workout a little more interesting. It allows you to strengthen your pecs, arms, shoulders, back muscles, abs and legs in multiple ways. It features upper and lower pulleys, multi-purpose exercise arms that can be used for chest press and/or rowing (w/ multiple grips) and butterfly cable pull and standing leg extension/curl stations. All the stations are connected to a 90kg weight stack system. The steel frame is stable and coated with a durable finish.

You can make your workout as comfortable as possible by adjusting the station – both the exercise arms and butterfly cables can be adjusted to 7 different positions while the padded backrest can be vertically adjusted to 8 different positions. All the cable attachments are included. The Home Gym inSPORTline Profigym C400 is a perfect home gym. However, if you want to expand your exercise options, you can do so by buying a leg press and/or side pulley!

Technical description:

Multi-purpose home gym
Durable frame
Additional equipment sold separately
Backrest can be adjusted to 8 different positions
Exercise arms can be adjusted to 7 different positions
Cables can be adjusted to 7 different positions
Exercise arm grips can be adjusted to 3 different positions
Durable surface coating
Heavy padding for maximum comfort
Drawings of individual exercises directly on the frame
Dimensions: L 225 x W 1,332 x H 213 cm
Weight: 233 kg
Weight stacks: 90 kg (1 x 9 kg + 18 x 4.5 kg)
Weight limit: 150 kg
Category: H (EN 957) – suitable for home use

Training stations:

Chest press
Butterfly cable pulls (seated)
Standing leg curls
Leg extensions
Cable pulldown
Cable pull ups
Cable bicep curl
Kick back (triceps)


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